The People's Notre-Dame Design Competition

Rodrigo Barino and Andre Laurino

Barino Arquitetura


Designer's Description

Contemplation. Our design proposal to intervene in the coverage of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame is premised on leaving the mark of our time for future generations, within a historical context, but with no intention of being a protagonist.We think of using this space for reflection, connecting the old and the new, looking for internal connections with the cathedral and external with the city. A space where the monumentality, materiality and light, make us transcend.We design the MLC wood roofing structure, opposing previously existing wood, being environmentally correct, with excellent structural, formal and fire resistant performance.This structure will be covered with a translucent glass, so that the visual permeability of the inner and outer perspectives would be related to the whole.When you look from the outside, your structure would follow the same alignment of the existing side structure, so significant, following the original shape of the roof, connecting at the top.And when you are inside the cathedral, this structure becomes a sequence of ogival arcs with formal relationships existing in the cathedral.The pinnacle, with its original architecture is lush, a very strong element we install in it a platform lift where people can climb into its interior.Emptiness is fundamental to such an experience, given the importance of the place in question that we are intervening.We don´t think of a space to become a memorial, shopping or just anything touristy.We think of a space for connection, contemplation and reflection.

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