The People's Notre-Dame Design Competition

Jason Brandes


United States

Designer's Description

Familiarity with subtropical design and competitive software technologies, I have combined a religious contemporary rebirth aesthetic. From the ashes, Incorporating sophisticated simplicity, complemented by a keen sense of understanding of the complexities involved in the creations of humane contemplation spaces, leading to spiritual enlightenment. The priorities is to stimulate by diversity and complexity, creating this parametric honeycomb pattern that drapes over the interior cladding juxtaposing the exterior vale of molded glass lifting up unto the heavens reaching higher and farther then we were, arriving to where will be. Structural glass acts as the foundation of the project with a viewing perch that one can overlook Paris and engage its beauty. A modern take that will act as the pinnacle to reaching a better life and prosperous world.

Top 50 Visions of Notre-Dame