The People's Notre-Dame Design Competition

Martin Beverfjord

Rever & Drage


Designer's Description

Our old lady in full glory The spirit of Notre Dame, the spirit of the Gothic revival and the insights of Viollette le Duc is that the architecture should be true both according to program and to the methods of construction. The method of construction was that of a striving for light, air and lightness; The dissolvement of the wall as far as the methods of construction would allow for. This was true for the ambitions of the 13th-century Notre Dame original spire and it was true for the ambitions of the 18th-century remake of it. In the 175 years that has passed since Lassus and le Duc began their task new materials have made way for a further inquiry into this ambition. To reinstate Notre Dame in a condition of completeness which only could exist now the aerospace materials carbonium, woven carbon and nomex should be applied to give a lightweight, hypermodern reshape of the gothic structure, derived from the restored oak construction in a coherent and continuous diversion of forces all the way from the top spire down to the ground. Layers of nostalgia expressed in everlasting gold, 3D-printed crystal and gunmetal gives the old lady the glory she deserves in a delicate play of the new and the old worthy this sacred and much beloved place.

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